How far are we from Strasbourg?
Our Music-Hall is located 40km from Strasbourg (about 30min by car)

Who are the tour operators we work with?
Europa Tour - Josy - Seyfritz - LK Tours - Royer - Voyages Antoni - Rohr Evasion - non-exhaustive list

Do you have a hotel ?
The 4* hotel & spa of the Royal Palace will be built by 2026. 96 rooms including 2 Royal Suites and a Spa of 2000m² will be available. Reservation opening in 2025.


Can I come only to the restaurant?
The restaurant is reserved only for customers attending the show. We are not a traditional restaurant.

Can I choose the menu on site?
In order to ensure the smooth running of our service (food and show), prepayment is required, so you must choose your menu at the time of booking.

Can I chose the drinks on place?
The drinks can be chosen on place. You can also choose the Duo or the Prestigo package with our waiters.

Can I use the drink-tickets in the restaurant?
The suggested drink-tickets can exclusively be used in the lounge club. They can't be used in the restaurants.

What are the menus?
We propose 2 menus in each restaurant. The menu must be chosen in advance. You can also choose a vegetarian menu with or without fish. Consult us.

I have a food intolerance / allergy, is it possible to adapt the menus?
It is quite possible to adapt the menus, whether you are lactose intolerant, gluten or many others. You will simply have to let us know at the time of your reservation. However, we remind you that traces of these foods may be present in the dishes (no specific cooking space for allergies)

Is lunch/dinner dancing?
There is musical entertainment in the 2 restaurants at each performance with the possibility of dancing for those who wish. You can dance after the show in our Lounge Club.

Is there a children's menu?
Yes. There are 2 possibilities: Either the same menu as for adults with reduced quantities Either a small starter cold cuts / raw vegetables followed by a chicken cutlet and fries, to finish with a delicious ice cream.


How long does a review at the Royal Palace last?
The strength of the Royal Palace is to offer one review per year. A season in our cabaret is from early September to early July of the following year.

How long is the show?
Our show lasts approximately 1h40.

Can I choose my seat?
The placement is done by our reservations department according to the order of arrival of the payments, so you will not be able to choose your place. The tiered layout of the room allows a nice view of all the seats. However, in case of physical disability, please let us know at the time of booking.

How long are gift vouchers valid?
Our gift vouchers are valid for one season (from September to July) Once the date has passed, we will not be able to extend the validity date.

From what age can I attend the show?
There is no minimum age to attend our show. Several things to consider before bringing a child: thinking about the people around you, silence is golden. In addition, some scenes reveal bare breasts.

What are the prices for children?
At the restaurant, we offer a menu (up to 12 years old) at a price of 27€. At the theater, children under 8 years old benefit from a half price on the normal seats for the afternoon performances. There is no special rate for evening or honorary seats.

Are you open in July and August?
Our Music-Hall closes its doors every year to set up the following year's review. Our offices are open to allow you to take reservations for the new season.

What to wear at the Royal Palace / What should I wear?
Street clothes are accepted. No torn pants, shorts or sandals for men. Rhinestone and sequins are welcome! This is an opportunity to bring out your best outfits.



Can we organize a business seminar at the Royal Palace?
The Royal Palace is the ideal place to hold your business seminars. Video projection, microphones and other equipment are available. For more information, contact us at +33 3 88 70 71 81 or by email at

Is it possible to customize my event?
Personalized events are regularly organized at the Royal Palace, for more information please contact our customer service on +33 3 88 70 71 81.

Is it possible to privatize a restaurant?
The privatization of our restaurants is only possible on request. For information and conditions, call +33 3 88 70 71 81.

Is it possible to privatize the theater?
The privatization of our theater is only on request. Information and conditions at +33 3 88 70 71 81.


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