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In addition to its legendary cabaret revue, the Royal Palace de Kirrwiller also hosts a variety of festive events and concerts throughout the year in its Music-Hall Theater or Lounge Club.
It is possible to lunch or dine in one of our two restaurants before or after the event, depending on the program.


Saturday 08 June 2024 / 14h30

DIE PALDAUER, ANITA HOFMANN, DUO SUNRISE: 2.5 hours of concert and attraction numbers at the Royal Palace.

Entertainment: Hansy Vogt and Frau Wäber.

Regular seats : 60 €* Places of honor : 65 €* Vip corner : 375 €*

*Excluding meals

Lunch at noon

Concert de Hansi Hinterseer

Monday 11 November 2024 / 14h30

HANSI HINTERSEER invites his public and Alsatian fans, whom he is particularly fond of, to come and share his 70th birthday and 30-year career with him. He promises a great concert featuring his greatest hits, but also surprises, memories and emotion.

Regular seats : 75 €* Places of honor : 80 €* Vip corner : 450 €*

*Excluding meals

No lunch available


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