In this new review, our ringleader Elsa de Laroche, heiress to the "Rêverie Hôtel", seeks to open the doors to the "Chambre des Rêves". Legend has it that the doors of certain rooms open onto universes where fantasy and reality merge. Nothing seems to resist Elsa, a woman as seductive as she is powerful.
Nothing, that is, except the doors to this mysterious chamber that no one has been able to open for centuries. Elsa embarks on a fantastic quest to find the coveted key.


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Behind the show's curtains lies a meticulous organization. At the helm this year are Jérémy Amelin , Lisa-Marie Bertoni and Patrick Riandiere for a completely reinvented show.

This season we wanted to set the bar even higher, with new technology, new costumes and reorganized tableaux. This is the Royal Palace's new identity.


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