Miss & Mystère

Season 2017/2018

The story we're about to tell you plunges us into the frontiers of the real and the unreal, when a very ancient and mysterious Dutch family had to resign themselves to fleeing their country, accused by their people of practicing witchcraft... For many years, no one knew what had become of this family, who were believed to have great supernatural powers. It was in a remote part of Ireland, on a clifftop overlooking a lake renowned for its terrifying legends, in the Manor of Mysteries, that the last descendant of the great magicians was found. This place is said to have as many magical powers as the master of the house himself: tunnels, doors and secret passages opening onto imaginary worlds, terrifying or marvellous, according to the moods of the powerful illusionist... Like his illustrious ancestors before him, Count Christian FARLA, the last heir of the FARLA dynasty, perpetuates the practice of magic on elements, matter and mankind in the greatest secrecy... Magical, mystical or evil, Count FARLA's powers always provoke a strange feeling of Fascination. Enter and discover the fantastic world of "Miss and Mystery".


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