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A Comic Flamenco act in the Restaurants and the Lounge Club
On stage, two hats, two guitars... two artists. Somewhere between burlesque and musical acrobatics, Marcial Heredia and Guillermo de Endaya pile on the pranks to bring you an explosive show. From flamenco to the Bee Gees, taking in jazz and pop, these virtuoso guitarists juggle with notes, instruments and comic antics. Unpredictable, their show verges on the absurdity of the silent movie, a blend of music and comedy, with one or two surprising and surrealist inventions of their own. “Olé!” is a flood of disconcerting numbers, get ready to go “Loco”!


Pole Dance Act
Nadiya began to practise gymnastics at the age of 8 and won the bronze medal at the European championships in Saint Petersburg. A regular on the Royal Palace stage for getting on for 4 years, she presents her very own Pole Dance act this year, which marries strength and grace and will just blow your mind. There can be no doubt that her performances will impress anyone and everyone who witnesses them!


Bola Act
Originally from Argentina, the kings of Malambo began their adventure in 2016 when Kristoff Etefano and Gonzalo Omar Leiva decided to develop the Revolution concept. They set off to look for the most talented people in the Malambo business. As they gradually met the members of the team, the lads got to know each other and create strong ties within the troupe. Through their ideas, Kristoff and Gonzalo put together a talented team of Malambo dancers which, in no time at all, won over their audiences worldwide. They manipulate their bolas to perfection, those South American projectile weapons made of several spherical


Balancing on Sticks
Zhao Shuangjian is a graduate of the Heilongjiang Acrobatic Troupe. Not yet thirty years of age, he is a veritable star of acrobatics in China. In May 2015, he took part in the second season of the television programme, The Brilliant Chinese. His acrobatic balancing act won him an excellent reputation and made him a very popular champion. In August 2016, he took part in the TV programme, Inheritor, with his balancing act on moving sticks. An act that will knock you over backwards and thrill you to the rhythm of the artist’s impressive agile moves!


Barely 23 years old, Cristina has already travelled the world over to share the art of contortion with her audiences. A child of the Garcia circus dynasty, she has been preparing since her earliest years to reach this level. She is still working today at improving and developing her act, which will leave you agog with wonder. Cristina has also just recently set a new Guinness World Record, shooting an arrow from her bow at a target at a distance of 7 metres… with her feet!


Aerial Strap Artist
Shirley Larible is an 8th generation circus artist. She is the daughter of the famous Italian clown David Larible and the Mexican flying trapeze artist America Olvera Jiménez. She began training at the age of only 3 and has worked with a number of renowned trainers, particularly Victor Fomine, one of the best aerial trainers in the world. She has devoted her life to the wonder of show business, which has given her the opportunity to journey to every part of the planet. With her aerial strap act, five metres above the stage, she elegantly performs virtuoso acrobatics that will take you to a new dimension. Her act is a combination of Chinese tradition and aerial acrobatics that calls at once for strength and sensuality. A blend that will simply melt your heart!


Five motorbikes in a Globe of Death
Hot from Brazil, the Diorios are a band of extreme bikers, all five of them speeding around the metal Globe of Death only a little more than four metres in diameter. In control of their motocross bikes, they zigzag around each other at 80 km/h, guaranteeing a breathtaking show. It’s not the first time that they’ll be wowing the audience at the Royal Palace. They performed several times at the beginning of the 2000s, thrilling thousands of spectators with ever crazier stunts! And, once again this year, you simply won’t be able to believe your eyes!


A comic plate-spinning act
Liviu Tudor and his spinning plates will take your breath away with his sense of balance. But that would be to ignore his canine accomplice, who won’t make his job any easier. A duo like no other, synchronised to perfection, which will wow you and reduce you to uncontrollable laughter in equal measure.