A theatre up to the task!

Nestling amid the Alsatian countryside, the Royal Palace is justly recognised as one of the greatest Music Halls in France. And so each year, thousands of people flock to see shows equal to if not better than anything presented by the great Parisian revues.

The best place for very big Shows!

Take your seat in this wonderful hushed room with its 1,000 very comfortable chairs and let yourself be drawn in by the talent of 40 artists who will thrill you with an incredible Music Hall experience. You will be amazed by the stage sets, which incorporate a huge High Definition LED screen, making the show more immersive than ever before.
Soak up an astounding show in which the tableaux and acts follow one upon the other in breathtaking decors immersing you in an amazing sensory experience.

Sit back in your red velvet chair and allow yourself to be bewitched by the magic of the show! The lights then go up all around you in the majestic auditorium of the Royal Palace to bring you the amazing internationally renowned revue.

Honor seats in red offer the most central and optimal view of the stage.
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