a History

of Musical Theatre, Passion, Success

Located in Kirrwiller in the Alsatian countryside, but not too far from Strasbourg, the Royal Palace has earned a reputation as one of the greatest Music Halls in France.
Each year, it attracts thousands of people who come to enjoy a show worthy of the very best Parisian revues. But how did a village restaurant, which had perpetuated the tradition of country dances since 1948, manage to become the go-to place for thousands of tourists from all over Europe?

In 1980, Pierre Meyer decided to set up a modest stage in the main room of the family restaurant, which he had just taken over with his wife, Cathy. At first, he put on shows with seven acts recruited in Paris just once a month. This soon became every weekend. In 1989, he invested the equivalent of 1.5 million euro in the construction of a 200 m² stage equipped with a hydraulic lift. At the same time, he began to devise his own revues rather than buying in ready-made shows… and his success was immediate: The Music Hall attracted 600 guests a day!

In 1996, the building was given a full makeover. A new 800 m² complex, renamed the Royal Palace, came into being, including a 987-seat auditorium in which he could mount the most ambitious of productions. The stage was two times bigger than before, with an opening of 25 metres by 20 metres in height!

Next came the inauguration of the two restaurants: «The Majestic», and «The Versailles», offering  “lunch- and dinner-dances with a live band, for a richer cabaret atmosphere experience.

In 2015, after a year of major extension work, the Royal Palace inaugurated the LOUNGE CLUB to celebrate its 35th birthday. This unusual 2,200 m² modern space on two levels can accommodate up to 1,000 guests for all kinds of entertainments in a lounge bar mood.

Today, the Royal Palace employs around 100 people, 34 of them artists, and welcomes nearly 200,000 guests a year! Its cabarets and dinner shows continue to enchant every generation, making the venue a veritable yardstick in French Music Hall.

Royal Palace