General terms and conditions

of bookings

Place an option on a booking as early as possible. Establish the period of validity of this option with our office. To confirm your booking, we would ask that you pay in advance, either by cheque, bank transfer or payment / credit card.

As the accounts for the restaurants are separate from the ones for the shows, we would ask you to pay for meals and shows separately.

MEALS should be paid to the company ADAM MEYER. Any and all meals not cancelled before midday for the evening and before 9:30 am for matinees, will be billed.

TICKETS FOR SHOWS should be paid to the company ROYAL SHOW PRODUCTIONS. Such tickets may be neither returned nor exchanged for another date (except the matinee special on weekdays). If payment is late, a fixed indemnity for collection costs, which shall not be less than €40, shall apply by right.

NB: it is not possible to book the lounge club only, without the show or meal + show.

The direction reserves the right to modify the programming.